Flat Dev 2013 was successfully done by the organizer, Mags Melaka. They have put all of their effort to make it way better than the previous year. Every riders also showed their progression in this competition and everybody seems happy to see other friends from various country.

I'm sure there is a lot of memories for everybody in this competition. Here are some of the photos that we managed to capture during the event. Enjoy it :)

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This year Thrive will be part of the media partners for the Flatdev2013! I could consider this as the recognition for Thrive being part of the local media in Malaysia BMX scene.

Based on the meeting with the organizer (Mags Melaka) yesterday, preparation for FlatDEV2013 is already at its final stage whereby I could say it is about 80% complete. They are just like waiting for the day to start the real work and make it happen for the riders. Yeah, they put all their effort to organize FlatDEV2013 not for others but for the riders. So why dont we as a rider, give our full support to this event.

Click the picture below to get the tentative programme for FlatDEV2013.


Till then, see you there!

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Guys, I have a good news here. Soon we gonna have a new bikeshop called 'The Curb', owned by Kayuhbmx, which will be located in Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI, KL). Here is a lil bit explanation of what is 'The Curb' actually.

"It is the layout or form of presentation of a lifestyle created by Kayuhbmx, a body that handle almost everything about BMX in Malaysia. This lifestyle consists of art, fashion, BMX and entertainment. It's simply the way we perceive life from what we have lived through, seen and taught. THE CURB is rough yet clean, wild and extreme. We live for the moment, we do what we feel, bending the rules of society. "

If you are still curious and wanna know more about them, do visit their FB Page HERE. They will officially operated on this coming Saturday. Feel free to visit them!

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Hello guys,

After a few month operated last year, I found that I need to revise again the concept of Thrive. The initial idea was I want to make Thrive as a 'news media' for all types of BMX in Malaysia, but of course, I wont be able to cover every single event/story that is happening in our scene. Since then, I started to think on the new concept & direction of Thrive.

After a year of being silent, now Thrive is back. The new concept of Thrive is much more simple and possible for me to do it. Trive will be emphasize more on information & knowledge sharing about our local bmx scene. This will make me easier to control the quality of Thrive in the long run.

Besides blogging, I have a few other plan for Thrive that might bring 'colours' to our scene in the future. I really hope that everyone of you can give your best support so that Thrive can deliver the best to the community.

InsyaAllah (with god willing)

Thank you,
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Hello everyone.
Have you ever feel bored with the t-shirts in your closet? Thinking of getting a new t-shirts with a super-cool design ?

Visit DeviseClothing Depot now! Dont leave the site without buying anything because all the stuffs there is 100% local independant brand. They always support our local BMX scene and why dont we support them too! So, lets support each other to keep our BMX Scene THRIVing!

-Click the image above to go to Devise Clothing Depot-
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This video is called 'Flatland Darul Aman' made by Zaid Fitri somewhere in 2003. Its already almost 10 years now and we can see how does the development of flatland scene in Malaysia. I could say the progression of each rider is impressive and the numbers of flatland riders nowadays is still growing, but not as much as before.

For the new riders out there, in this video you can see the difference of riding style in every riders compared to their riding style nowadays. They are all started with basic tricks and slowly develop their tricks and style to become what you can see today. It took years for them to get the trick/link. So don't give up, keep on practice, no stress and enjoy!

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I just love the way DC shows their support to the scene. They know this is the way for them to get more supporters by doing this kind of thing, like this time, they bring the DC pro riders all the way from US to Malaysia.

I went to the one of their stop which is at Shah Alam Skatepark. A lot of riders & skaters having fun chilling and riding together with the pros. Well, this is one of the reason for us to support them right? because DC do support us and our scene too!

I hope you enjoy the pictures below. :)

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It is good to see the local riders put their effort to help other riders especially the beginners and in the same time they help the scene to grow up.

This video by Saiful Ariff will teach you how to do feble grind, feble 180, & feble hard 180.
I am sure most of the beginners out there are waiting for your next 'how to' video. Keep it up and post more videos bro.

For the beginner riders out there, keep on learning & and always have fun with your bike!

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Click the picture above to get to Thrive's facebook. You will get the notification regarding the updates of this blog easily there!
See ya!
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